Stichting Anna Pavlova speelt 'Three piglets'

  • 24 september 2022
    14:00 - 15:00

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“Three Piglets” 24.09.22 and 29.10.22 at 12:30 & 14:00 in Zeeheldentheater Den Haag

Ballet for children 0+ and a whole family. Best entertainment in The Hague for the weekend, must see!

Ballet was staged in St. Petersburg in 2005, was shown many times with a big success, was also shown very successfully on tour in Croatia and Germany.

Choreographer – Vladislav Kuramshin, idea creator and artistic director – Tatiana Petrova. Dancers – young and talented students of the Academy Classical Russian Ballet The Hague.

***Performance supported by CultuurSchakel Den Haag

A short story –

Scene one:

Children are bored in the yard, on the playground; suddenly they have an idea to play a fairy tale about three pigs like in a theater. They choose their own characters. The roles are distributed and a fun game begins.

Scene two:

Dreams of a Wolf is of course a dream of delicious, sweet piglets, delicious food.

Scene three:

Place of the piglets. Smart pig Naf-naf built himself a beautiful house. Lazy pig Nuf-Nuf decided to live under an umbrella, too lazy to build a house. Stupid pig Nif-nif adapted an ordinary bench for his home – and so it will be good for him!

The authors of the ballet introduced new characters to the fairy tale: a Duck, a Squirrel, a Frog, and a Deer come to visit the 3 piglets.

Scene four:

Naf-naf, Nuf-Nuf and Nif-nif enjoy the beautiful weather and decide to have a picnic. Suddenly a Swallow arrives with disturbing news – very close in the forest she saw a Wolf!

All animals run from the forest from the Wolf. He chases a Swallow, then sees the piglets, and the chase begins. The wolf grabs the clever pig NAF-NAF and drags him into the forest. Piglets Nuf-Nuf and Nif-nif cry, the animals are very sorry for their brother. They all together decide to run into the forest and save Naf-naf.

Scene five:

In the Wolf’s den. The pig Naf-naf is very afraid that the Wolf will eat it. But in fact, the Wolf and the Pig are ordinary children, good friends! Suddenly run in all the animals and pigs Nuf-Nuf with Nif-nif – and all of them realize that the Wolf was not terrible at all, and the fairy tale ended well!


Zaterdag 24 september 2022


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Dansvoorstelling, Familie Voorstelling, Theater, Toneel

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