Stichting Anna Pavlova speelt 'Three little pigs'

  • 4 juni 2022
    12:30 - 13:30

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Stichting Anna Pavlova and Zeehelden theater present:

Again in the Netherlands for the Dutch audience – ballet for children ages 0+ “Three little pigs”

The best entertainment for the weekend, must see!

04.06.2022 in Zeehelden theater Den Haag at 12:30 and 14:00.

A cheerful, colourful and with unusual development of the well-known fairy-tale plot – ballet about three brothers-pigs and a grey wolf will be shown  by young talented students of the Academy of Classical Russian Ballet The Hague.

Our Academy has been showing this ballet with great success in St. Petersburg since 2005. With great success it was shown on tour in Croatia.


Plot of the ballet: 

Children are bored in the yard. Suddenly they come up with the idea to play a fairy tale about the three pigs, which everyone has read and knows. Children assign roles – and the game begins.

Pigs built their houses – how who could and tried. Naf–Naf, the older brother, has a nice house.

With a visit to the pigs come the inhabitants of the magical forest – duck, squirrel, deer, frog, swallow.

But in the forest lives also a grey wolf – he is dreaming to eat 3 little pigs…

But whether he succeeds or not – let’s see together. Maybe the wolf wouldn’t be so bad and scary after all.

Zaterdag 4 juni 2022


Prijzen v.a. €9.99


Familie Voorstelling, Theater, Toneel